About Us

JMC Energy is a comprehensive solar consulting service focused on objective analysis for solar project feasibility. Our goal is to provide the most thorough assessment of your solar resource at any site across the US. We will perform the due diligence needed for anyone planning to invest in renewable energy projects. Whether you are an investor, facility owner or government agency we can be your solar expert.

JMC Energy was founded in 2014 by Jason Campbell. Jason spent that past 10 years working with facility owners and investors making sure solar made the financial sense they anticipated and helping some who chose not to invest when the project didn’t fit their criteria. Jason has helped implement over 250 solar projects across the US.

Jason has experience with all aspects of solar energy implementation from initial project feasibility to commissioning and operation & maintenance.

Mission Statement

To encourage the proper use of renewable energy and proliferate the adoption of clean energy technology in a cost effective and financially viable way. We hope that all renewable energy investments create greater than expected returns on investment so that the future of renewable energy continues to grow.